Our Story

About Eggology

Back in 1993, when only the body building community knew about the nutritional benefits and pure protein in eggs and egg whites, Eggology was founded. Since then, we’ve made egg whites easier, safer and more convenient to use for anyone who believes in the power of nutrition and fitness.

And while we’ve found our niche with people who understand the fitness benefits of egg white protein, we also know that delicious food is one of life’s great pleasures. To that end, we focus on producing the freshest, best tasting, most versatile eggs on the market.

Through years of farming innovation, we’ve found diets and chicken-raising methods that result in not only exceptional nutritional content, but also great flavor. Our pure egg whites are separated from the yolks, pasteurized, packaged and shipped to our retail partners to ensure freshness and flavor.

We’re not the only ones who think our Liquid Egg Whites are the best. In a blind test, Cook’s Illustrated magazine rated Eggology Liquid Egg Whites as the best all-around egg white. But don’t take their word for it—find out for yourself how delicious and versatile healthy eating can be!

Eggology is:

  • The first organic egg white on the market
  • Cage-free, humane chicken farming
  • The leader in non-GMO farming practices
  • Available at over 4,000 grocery and specialty food stores,
  • Preferred by The Four Seasons, Marriot and Hyatt hotel brands.

We don’t just sell egg whites. We believe in them.

Our Organic Whites

Our Certified Organic eggs—both Liquid Egg Whites and Whole Eggs—are raised on an organic, vegetarian diet of locally grown grains that is free from pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and animal by-products. We give our hens shade, shelter, clean water and sunlight.

Cage Free Eggs

Our cage free hens are able to walk freely inside a barn, lay their eggs in real nests and engage in natural behaviors, like pecking, scratching and just spending some quality time with their sisters. They’re fed whole grain diets with no drugs or antibiotics, and we give them plenty of space to spread their wings and enjoy the good life.