Frequently Asked Questions

Why egg whites?
Egg whites are pure protein and have no fat, no cholesterol, no trans fat, and no carbohydrates.
Eggology Egg Whites taste sweet simply because they are so fresh and produced with a 90-day refrigerated shelf life.  Once opened, the refrigerated shelf life is 5-7 days.
No chemicals. No coloring. No gums. No kidding.
They’re real egg whites, so they’re excellent for whipping, baking, and can be substituted for whole eggs in almost any recipe to reduce fat and cholesterol, without sacrificing taste. As with all eggs out of the shell, Eggology Egg Whites are pasteurized. The crucial difference is that our egg whites are repeatedly tested for salmonella and listeria, so that you can be confident using them for meringues, mousses, protein shakes, and smoothies.
They will remain fresh for 90 days, unopened, in the refrigerator because egg whites have no bacteria. The aroma of fresh egg whites resembles an eggy or dairy aroma—when egg whites are bad there’s a distinctive odor. Furthermore, the “Best if used by” date holds true whether the bottle is opened or unopened.
The yolks are sold to companies that make salad dressings, mayonnaise, and ice cream, while our shells are used in compost for Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow, an aerobically composted organic fertilizer.
Yes. In fact, you can place a bottle in the freezer even after it has already been opened and partially used. Unlike the yolk of an egg, the whites are versatile and safely withstand temperature changes without altering taste, texture, or quality. To defrost, place the frozen bottle in your refrigerator for 1-2 days.

Traditional farming practices often confine chickens in cages that give them less space than a letter-sized piece of paper, denying them the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors and requiring aggressive courses of antibiotics to prevent infection and disease.

Cage free eggs are produced by hens that are able to walk freely inside a barn, lay their eggs in real nests and engage in natural behaviors. Our cage free hens are fed whole-grain diets with no drugs or antibiotics. By giving our hens ample space to spread their wings and a natural, healthy diet, they return the favor with more nutritious, better tasting eggs.

Whether you buy our Organic or Cage Free varieties, all of our eggs are raised on the principles of humane treatment for our hens. This means that our hens have unlimited access to nutritious feed and water throughout the day, the ability to move freely throughout the hen house, no animal by-products in their feed, no growth hormones or antibiotics. In other words, we provide an environment that allows our hens to engage in the kinds of behaviors that come naturally. We use Humane Farm Animal Care, widely regarded as the gold standard in humane farm practices, to certify our operations. You can learn more about their standards at
The hens that lay our 100% USDA Certified Organic Liquid Egg Whites and Fresh Eggs are fed an organic, vegetarian diet of locally grown grains that are free from pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and animal by-products. In addition, we have a USDA staff member on-site at all times to ensure our strict quality standards are always met.

Our Liquid Egg Whites start off just like our Fresh Eggs, but they take a detour into our separation facility where the yolks are removed and the whites are pasteurized, packaged and shipped to our retail partners to ensure freshness and flavor.

Liquid Egg Whites offer much of the protein and nutritional benefits of Fresh Eggs without any of the fat or cholesterol. Of course, many people love the richness and taste of the yolks, especially when they’re Cage Free or Organic, like ours.